Nobody knows your market, your customers, and your dealership as well as you.
At Secondary Solutions, we support your expertise by offering result-driven
advertising at a fraction of the cost of going through a "full service"
automotive advertising agency. The difference? At Secondary Solutions, we bring together the creative talent of advertising specialists from across the country
without the fees and overhead you will typically find at an agency.

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What you can expect from Secondary Solutions:
• Cutting-edge creative
• Proven results
• Years of automotive advertising experience
• Pricing & quality that will blow you away
• Full-blown, all-media advertising solutions for: direct mail, newspaper inserts, radio, television, special finance, sales promotions, infomercials, media placement, special finance and all other forms of automotive advertising. 


Our mission is to provide increased selling opportunities by coupling traditional automotive advertising with exclusive WebUps web-enabled lead capture

What about the other 98%?

It is traditionally held in automotive advertising that 2% of the population is "in the market" at any given time. It is also believed that a "good" ad campaign will yield about a 1 - 2% response. Think about that for a minute. 1 - 2%... What happened to the other 98%? Just doesn’t seem right, does it. The fact is that there are many, many more people in varying stages of the car-buying process each month.

Traditional automotive advertising pulls in those who are closest to making a decision, the 1 - 2%, by promoting an exciting offer and screaming for them to come in this weekend only. The rest, the other 98%, are wrestling with what kind of car to buy, if your dealership has what they are looking for, what type of a payment they would be looking at, and If they will be able to get financed for their next car purchase. The best way to tap into this group is to offer them an easy way to find answers to their questions. 

These people may not be "this weekend only" buyers, but given the right opportunities may be a buyer next week or next month. Many people are embarrassed, intimidated, too busy, or just assume they can’t get financing. Offer solutions to this group, and you will sell more cars. Just imagine the impact that doubling or even tripling your advertising response rate would make on your bottom line! Secondary Solutions offers direct mail, newspaper inserts, television production, radio production, web development, infomercials, special finance solutions and media placement.

At Secondary Solutions, we don’t forget the other 98% - we know the path of least resistance is a well traveled road. That’s why we offer free web based lead generation or WebUps with every sale we do. If you are as interested as we are in gaining the business of this other 98% as well as what you’re getting now, click on the appropriate link below or give us a call today!

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